Interior Design Book Must Haves

Here at J&K we are constantly learning new things about Interior Design, and we are so thankful that we have some amazing literature to learn from. Although we do not always have much leisure time around the office, we find it so important to make time for research and for learning. Obviously we are huge fans of social media (and we are glad you are too), but our first love are books! There is something special about holding a book in your hand that almost automatically makes you feel calm, intelligent (for those of us who do not read much), and excited to be transported to a different world. And lets be honest, who wouldn't want to be transported to Kelly Wearstlers world, to her library or to the AH-MAZING Avalon Hotel.

This week we are sharing, in no particular order, our Interior Design Book Must Haves. Each of these books have inspired our career in Interior Design, as well as our own homes. Also, in this particular case, we hope that you guys do judge these books by their covers. The exterior of these books are beautiful (they make for the best coffee table books!) and each page is just as beautiful and holds a multitude of important information!